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Pedro Redinha’s Lawyers office opened its doors for the first time in the year of 1991.

With the passing of time, this firm has itself developed substantially and seen several changes in its core, such as the addition of new valuable members to the team, and has had the opportunity of expanding its knowledge and contributing with its expertise in all areas of the territory’s judicial system.

As our office grew so too did our reputation of honesty and integrity within this city and beyond. With the extensive media coverage that many of our cases received, due to the unprecedented historical and judicial importance of these, our name has since long been established in Macau, having become a synonym of experience, professionalism and perseverance.

As lawyers and private notaries, we offer legal consultancy to several different companies in Macau and abroad, working with a vast array of businesses such as insurance and finance companies, energy resource companies such as gas and electricity providers, surveillance, construction and engineering companies, casino operators and tourism resorts, and several other public entities and Government institutions.

Nowadays with several different members, the convictions and beliefs held by our team are the same we had upon its conception: justice, freedom and respect for every individual’s rights in society.
It is with these values at heart that we have started our work in Macau, and it is with those same values in mind that we provide the best defense possible every day of the year.

In addition to our work as public lawyers and private notaries, our team has, since its first steps in the territory, shown its commitment to the local society, making contributions in several fields such as education and charity. Our lawyers have, since the very beginning, provided pro-bono work to those who needed to be defended in court but had no financial means to pay for it.

Our contributions to Macau involve education as well, having led and organised numerous lectures to local university students, law graduates and trainee lawyers, helping educate and inspire those who are starting their careers in the field of Law and Justice.

We remain fully committed to continue providing the best legal advice and judicial defense possible to our clients with the same dedication and professionalism that characterizes our team.