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  • Administrative Law

    Administrative Law encompasses any kind of Government decisions which might affect the interests of an individual person or a company. Our firm provides assistance in reacting to unfair and illegal decisions both within the Government’s hierarchical structure as well as on a judicial basis, seeking the administrative review of decisions. Along the years we handled some of the biggest cases of Administrative Law in our Courts. 

  • Employment & Benefits

    Our firm has a broad experience in assisting clients on numerous labour related issues, including the drafting of individual or collective contracts, advising on applicable Macau laws and international conventions, contract termination and employment benefits.
    In addition, we provide assistance with proceedings related to occupational accidents and illness compensation.

  • Intellectual Property

    Our firm provides assistance in matters concerning Intellectual Property Law, including patents, copyrights, industrial design rights and trademarks, to name but a few.
    We provide assistance not only with the intellectual property rights registration procedures but also in preventing and reacting to infringements and misappropriation.

  • Property Law

    Our firm provides assistance in the reclaim and defense of property rights, including adverse possession or accession disputes, counseling on the horizontal property regime, and further services within the area of Real Estate.
    We also assist clients with specific property rental issues, for residential or business purposes, ranging from contractual clause interpretation to termination and compensation.
    Finally, our Notary department will ensure that all the legal documentation is prepared for transferring and registering different property rights.

  • Criminal Law

    Our firm's experience is renowned in dealing with criminal matters in Macau's Law Courts as well as during the investigative phases in proceedings, in areas that range from personal protection to public crimes or gaming-related activities.
    Over the years, our firm has accompanied numerous cases involving all kinds of criminal investigations with as much diligence and dedication as the respect and concern we share for the individual freedoms.
    We seek to provide the most effective defense possible, with the certainty that every person is entitled to a dignified representation in a Court of Justice, and that public powers must not overlook the due process.

  • Company Law

    Our firm covers different areas within Company Law, focusing specifically on private and public limited liability companies.
    We assist in the incorporation and registration of companies, drafting of by-laws, company resolutions, secretarial functions, mergers & acquisitions, corporate object definition, competition clauses, to name but a few.
    We also provide assistance with judicial and extra-judicial disputes & negotiations.

  • Human Rights

    Each society, and each individual, should be measured by their respect for fundamental human rights and our firm has always sought to provide assistance to resident - and especially non-resident - citizens whose basic rights are at risk.
    Our firm has a long experience of working towards the defense of the rights of unprivileged minorities and has developed strong relationships with international refugee organizations through cooperation.

  • Insurance, Bank and Finance Law

    Our firm provides advice on all legal and regulatory issues to local and foreign non-institutional clients, day-to-day advice to local and foreign companies, including banks and insurance companies, and legal opinion and advice on different types of financial documents, contracts and agreements.

  • Gaming Industry

    We provide a comprehensive range of services within this field such as the application and registration of gaming promoters ("Junkets"), the drafting and analysis of different types of contracts and agreements, legal advice to operators regarding respective obligations before the supervisory authorities, namely on the compliance of legal and regulatory duties, including money laundering, as well as the analysis of all compulsory documents and agreements, and assist clients in all matters relating to the business operation.

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    Our lawyers provide assistance in matters related to litigation and dispute resolution for all the aforementioned domains, offering effective counsel and expert advice, pre litigation advice, and assisting in the review of local and foreign Court decisions. 

  • Contract Law

    We have great experience in this very relevant and important legal area, whether you want to draft an agreement, submit a claim for contractual liability, or you simply want advice on your current contractual obligations, you can count on us for any type of contract. 

  • Foreign Investment

    Through strategic partnerships with our foreign legal teams, mainly in Portugal and Africa, we provide advice and support to those that are invested in investing in these countries. Areas invested by our clients include natural gas, diamonds, road works, constructions and many more. We work closely with our sister company, The Redinha Business Consultancy, in providing a one-stop business and legal advices for your investments.